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Rizhao city a group of grinding wheel patents through the European technology blockade

Date:2019/7/17     Hits:736
    Recently, the science and technology bureau of donggang district in rizhao city accepted a group of patent award applications, which are a group of patented technologies that can break the European technology blockade.

    The group of patents for the production of special grinding wheel crystal diamond cutting three technologies. This kind of technology, by the Austrian crystal processors, the world famous brand, the founder of the Daniel swarovski, pioneered in the 1950 s, the creation of Bohemia crystal price jump, prominent, swarovski crystal brand because of its global crown and diamond crystal products, also led to the other side of the Rhine river produced from the Czech famous Czech crystal. At present, such grinding wheel has been produced in rizhao street of donggang district. This grinding wheel has caused the revolution of hydraulic diamond grinding in China, which will have a huge impact on the development of hydraulic diamond, jewelry and apparel industry in China.

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