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Corporate culture

"ZhongXing Machinery" was founded in 1999, engaged in hardware tools, metal products industry special production equipment development and production.

Determined to efficient grinding, environmental polishing grinding, precision leveling, high-grade knife and shear four fields of scientific research and innovation, brand building!

We have always believed in the old saying that “gold cup and silver cup is not as good as the word of mouth, your heart is my heart”.Be a person, do things, do enterprises.

Twenty years of hard work, concerted efforts, striving to build a team business platform, good market opportunities, will promote the people of zhongxing forward!

Development and expansion, dedication is our pursuit, the road ahead will be tortuous and difficult, "ZhongXing Team" will face future challenges with the belief of victory, success must belong to the brave persistent!

Our concept: Honest strengthens the basis,innovation leads to the future developemnt.

Our spirit: We create infinite possibilities!

Our goal: ZhongXing is the star of the world!