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In 2006, the deficit of mould import and export was us $1.006 billion

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According to customs statistics, in 2006, China imported us $2.047 billion and exported us $1.041 billion, with a trade deficit of us $1.006 billion. Compared with 2005, imports fell by $21 million, or 1%. Exports increased by $303 million, or 41%; The trade deficit fell by $324 million, or 24.4 percent. Through the comparison of the above figures, we can draw such a conclusion: in 2006, the development of China's mold industry, especially foreign trade, made a big step forward. Some industry insiders even compared 2006 as a turning point of our mold foreign trade, that since then our mold products export will usher in a brilliant spring. Of course, we have reasons to feel happy in the face of the results, but also must be clearly aware of the results and Numbers behind the remaining problems, and should seriously look for reasons, and take measures to improve.

The proportion of mould import and export tends to be reasonable

In 2006, the export of mould products in China not only broke through 1 billion us dollars, but also achieved the export target in the 11th five-year plan of mould industry 4 years ahead of schedule. This not only indicated our country mold industry in recent years rapid development, the quality and the level enhancement, the competitive power enhancement, also showed our country mold product in the international market the good prospect. Especially we can see from the attached "tenth five-year plan" since our country mold foreign trade situation table, from 2000 to 2006, our country mold product import amount increase has the trend of decreasing year by year, our country mold product export increases year by year, the import and export ratio is gradually tending to be reasonable.

Implicit Numbers discount grades

Encouraging as the results are, there are problems. One is the implicit Numbers. The so-called hidden figures refer to the fact that the molds imported and exported as accessories or spare parts with the main engine equipment are not reflected independently in the customs statistics. According to the past practice, the import of this part of figures is much larger than the export. As a result, the true ratio of imports to exports and the trade deficit are somewhat different from those in our work. The second is the mould made in China, some of them come in again after turning abroad, which makes part of the import and export figures false, and also makes our results discount.

Foreign-funded enterprises are still the main force of exports

In guangdong province, which accounts for 45% of the total export volume of mould products, "foreign-funded" enterprises account for a considerable number and are the main force of export. In addition to zhejiang private enterprises occupy the leading role in the export of local mold products, most of the export of molds in other provinces and cities are also "three capital" enterprises as the main force. Due to their weak capacity for innovation and development, Chinese enterprises are generally weaker than those funded by the three investment sectors. This kind mainly relies on the "three capital" enterprise to promote the export situation, should cause the enough attention.

Export mold is still in the low - end mainly

In 2006, China's import and export stamping dies were 50,645 tons and 39,890 tons respectively in terms of output. If the unit price per ton was calculated, the imported stamping dies amounted to 14,913 U.S. dollars per ton, while the exported stamping dies were only 5,867 U.S. dollars per ton. The import and export customs of plastic and rubber moulds are based on sets of Numbers. In 2006, China's import and export of plastic and rubber molds were 413,715 sets and 1217,772 sets, with an average price of $2,532 for imports and $602 for exports. As you can see from the above figures, the average unit price of export moulds is only about one third to one quarter of that of import moulds. In addition to the cost and price of foreign molds are indeed higher than ours, the above figures also fully indicate that our export molds are still mainly in the middle and low grade, while imported molds are mainly in the middle and high grade.

We should vigorously improve our capacity for innovation and development

From the overall environment, China's economy to achieve "good and fast" development, the country put the word "good" in front of the word "fast"; To accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, we must "become stronger and bigger", and the government puts "strong" before "big". However, the improvement of independent innovation development ability is the core of "making it bigger and stronger". Therefore, we must attach great importance to this work and make great efforts. Specific to the mold industry, in recent years, China's mold industry to update and improve the equipment level of the enterprise, every year, billions of dollars in equipment imports, but investing in innovation and development are still inadequate, the mold industry innovation ability of the development has the serious lag in the improvement of production capacity, the problem must be caused take seriously, and take concrete and effective measures to improve. Now some countries are wary of our country, and some countries explicitly prohibit the flow of mold drawings into China. Under such circumstances, the improvement of innovation development capacity is not only a long-term strategic task, but also a top priority. Mold industry structural adjustment has also made a big achievement in recent years, both enterprise organization structure, product structure, technological structure and import and export structure, are toward the direction of rationalization, but a series of problems still need further explain the structure adjustment, the pattern of economic growth also needs to change, must from the quantity expansion gradually shift to the quality first. Only in this way, the quality and level of our mold products can really improve, to have the competitiveness of the international market, in order to increase the export volume of mold products and improve the quality of combination.

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