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JM120 Precisionleveling machine
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Purpose and features

As long as the plate & belt material having metal plasticity can bring about the part deformation in the processing process or due to the primitive bending, they can be carried out the rectification & leveling by using the equipment. The equipmentis designed for ultra-thin textile machinery accessories, watch & clock parts, electronic instrument components and plate & belt products.

JM120 has the following features:

1. Wide applicability

This machine can level thickness 0.2-1.5mm, width less than 120mm, length more than 30mm, σb≤300Mpa of all carbon steel. Stainless steel, non-ferrous alloy plate products and coil material. it is alo an ideal matching equipment for high speed stamping and blanking. At the same time, it is also an ideal process equipment to eliminate stress and aviod deep drawng crack.

2. High leveling accuracy

19 ultra-thin correcting roll shafts can ensure the precision of part plane. By using this machine, the work pieces can obtain a flat, smooth, consistent colot surface, flatness≤0.05mm (50x50x1mm Q235 sample).

3. Simple operation and high efficiency

With stepless speed regulation & continuous operation, the equipment can be used for the large batch production.Precise batching control mechanism can make the operation sensitive, simple & convenient and reliable.

4. Low energy consumption and high safety

The total power of the machine is less than 1.5kw; no environmental pollution; low noise; complete security protection measures.