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M4120/3(200mm),M4130/3(300mm)(Abrasive Belt Surface Grinder)
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Purpose and features

M41 series surface abrasive belt grinding machine with three grinding heads is an advanced grinding technology introduced from abroad, which adopts high-speed, powerful, water-cooled abrasive belt grinding. It has the advantages of continuous, high efficiency, one-time completion of coarse and fine polishing, simple operation, environmental protection and safety. The machine is mainly composed by mechanical transmission, air pressure, electrical control and other components, in addition to the ordinary abrasive bbelt machine polishing characteristics, but also suitable for the surface gtinding of the workpiece, the replacement and adjustment of the abrasive belt is very convenient. The shape size of the workpiece is precise, neat and uniform. This machine is most suitable for deburring, polishing and grinding of the plane of knives, cutlery, hardware tools, auto parts and other products produced in large quantities.

The standard machine is equipped with three sets of grinding head, the workpiece through equipped with stepless speed transmission belt (grinding head at the bottom of the table), from right to left for the coarse, fine and fine grinding process, three each grinding head of feeding by the grating ruler measurement and control digital display, positionning accuracy of 0.01 mm. The user can also reduce or increase the grinding head number (customized) accoridng to the workpiece surface technical requirements and blank surface quality. When grinding, the workpiece is clamped by high strength magnetic force, and no other fixture is needed to improve the production efficiency.The machine is also attached with demagnetization device, the output of the workpiece for automatic demagnetization flushing, such as equipped with intelligent feeding device (according to the characteristics of the workpiece customized), can achieve automatic production line. The machine adopts circulating cooling system, equipped with special water tank and dust filtering and discharging device.The machine type is classified according to the grinding width (belt width) of the workpiece. The common types areM4120/3 (200mm) and M4130/3 (300mm). Users can also customize the machine type according to the technological requirements of the worpiece. M41 series machine has the following features:

1. High efficiency, environmental protection and safety

It can continuously and simultaneously complete coarse, fine and fine polishing grinding, completely enclosed grinding and water-cooled dust removal.

2. High degree of automation

Easy to operate and less labor. If equipped with intelligent feeding device, automatic production can be achieved.

3. High grinding accuracy

Grinding feed digital display measurement and control, workpiece surface roughness Ra0.4, flatness 0.05mm.