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M4212 (Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine)
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Purpose and features

M4212 abrasive belt grinding machine is mainly used to solve the grinding process of punching cutting surface around sheet metal stamping workpiece. The machine has two grinding head (two working position) and independent control operation at the same time. It is composed of hydraulic mechanical transmission, air pressure, electrical control and other components. Through the workpiece real sample copying and other advanced technology, the machine tool can realize the curve shape of automatic polishing and grinding workpieces. The shape size of the workpiece is accurate, neat and uniform after grinding. The machine adopts circulating cooling system and is equipped with special water tank and dust filtering and discharging device. This machine is suitabe for mass production of knives, scissors, tableware,measuring tools, hardware stamping parts ,die castings and so on. M4212 machine has the following features:

1. High efficiency, environmental protection and safety

- Double station (double grinding head) configuration, can operate at two stations at the same time.

- Water cooling and dust removal

2. High degree of automation

- Easy to operate

- Automatic cambered profile polishing and grinding

3. High dimensional precision of polishing and grinding

- Copying plate real sample copying, can make the workpiece shape and size accurate, neat, unified.