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KS20A ( sharpening machine)
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Purpose and features

      This is a special machine tool designed for double-sided cutting edge process requirement of knife & scissor products. The main function is sharpening and honing the cutting edge which can improve the sharpness and smoothness of the cutting edge,especially widely used in kitchen knives. KS20A has the following features:

1. Wide applicability

This machine is the ideal special equipment for the double-sided cutting edge technology of many cutter blades.

Main typical products such as: PVC pipe cutter, Chinese and western kitchen knife, fruit knife, multi-functional cutting tools, garden scissors, industrial fly cutter, industrial cutting blades and so on.

2. Advanced technology

The equitpment is originated in China. Helical mesh grinding wheel can produce a non-burrs blade, which can improve the sharpness and durability of the cutting edge. According to the different worpiecce, pre-set the size of the edge included angle, and set up grinding wheel dresser to directly trim the grinding wheel.