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SM7410A (CNC vertical surface grinding machine with round table)
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Purpose and features

      SM7410A grinding machine overcomes many defects in traditional vertical mill machine, such as short of rigidity of spindle, low geometrical accuracy, complex fixture installation, low grinding efficiency and so on.

The machine has a wide range of application in various workpieces, and has basic grinding functions. The machine can be used to grinding specific bevel and cambered surface as well. Typically workpieces, such as hardware tools, the face of knifes and scissors, ceramic cutting tools, stamping parts of automobile accessory, putty knife, carpentry tongue and so on, can be grinded by machine at once.

SM7410A has several features as following:

1.  High production efficiency: it improves processing method from traditional grinding machine. It achieves continuously feeding and blanking process.

2.  High degree of automation: simple operation, lower labor costs

3.  High grinding accuracy

4.  Advanced control technology