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JM 35353/21 CNC Precision leveling machine
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Purpose and features

As long as the plate & belt material having metal plasticity can bring about the part deformation in the processing process or due to the primitive bending, they can be carried out the rectification & leveling by using the equipment. The equipment, originated in China, is widely used in the precise leveling of auto parts, industrial blades, hardware tools and other plate & belt parts.

Comparing to JM3020/21, JM3535/21 machine has higher rigidity and transmission power, which improves the transmission mechanism’s mechanical precision and degree of automation. Therefore, the leveling ability for workpiece has extended. Workpiece leveling effectiveness can achieve ideal effect, especially for workpiece made by high strength alloy steel (medium hard heat treatment).

The equipment has the following features:

1.       Wide applicability

Workpiece: circular saw blade; hand saw; lock panel; ice skate blade; knife and scissors; woodworking tool; industrial blades; chain plate; car braking friction disk; clutch disc; sewing needle board; measuring tools ( vernier caliper), stamping parts and so on.

2.       High leveling accuracy

Size control precision is 0.01mm;flatness is 0.03-0.10mm.

3.       Easy to operation, high efficiency

This machine adopts CNC technology, workpiece pass through machine by speed of 5-15m/min.

4.       Low energy consumption, high safety and reliability

Machine’s total power smaller than 6kw; no environment pollution; low noise; complete security settings