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JM 3020M/21 Belt Material Precision leveling machine
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Purpose and features

JM3020M/21 belt matertial precision leveling machine is mainly designed for the product characteristics of band saw, belt blade and other industries, mainly adding the function of side bending correction mechanism and high-speed stepless digital display line speed control of belt online operation.

Base on JM3020/21, JM3020M/21 has following new design features

1. This machine adds 9+4 side-flattening roller in both side of feed port and discharge port. It improves the leveling effectiveness of machine for strip material. The accuracy of form and position of strip material also be improved.

2. In order to satisfy the requirement of doing appropriate adjustment when strip material run in high speed, we use 7.5kw variable frequency motor. Strip material’s line speed is controlled by converter, which is digital display electronic control with wireless.

JM3020M/21 belt matertial precision leveling machine’s main function is to conduct high-speed continuous precision

leveling and correction of bending and side bending deformation of metal belt coil material. The machine is running continuously between the rolling material receiving and discharging systems, and the speed of running is controlled by digital display and stepless speed adjustment. The operator can control the machine after simple technical training.