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DJM15A(Knife Blade Ginding Machine)

Purpose and features

This machine is a small and lightweight version of DJM25A. The main purpose and function of DJM15A is the same as DJM25A. Comparing to DJM25A, DJM15A reduces the rated grinding distance and engine power. This machine is suitable for grinding various short and thin knives,cutting edge plane,arc and curved surface. The series ofmachines feature that they can carry out the large-capacity grinding and they will not burn the part surface and change the mechanical property of parts.The machine can meet the process requirements of mass production as well. According to the different clamping conditions and processing requirements of knives and scissors,types include Left-type grinding machine(DJM15W) and Right-type grinding machine(DJM15L). DJM15A has the following features:

1. Wide applicability

The series of machines have been widely used in grinding cutting edges, knife edges and operating surfaces for various types of short and thin knives, scissors, hardware tools, mechanical parts and other products. They are also applied to grinding stainless steel stationery scissors, travel scissors, embroidery scissors,craft knives, scalpels,paper cutter,foodstuff grinding, soybean milk machine blade,water pump pliers, vise, nozzle scissors,screwdriver, electric tool blade and other hardware tools. Moreover, the grinding surface can be shaped in twist, arc, wave, plane, bevel and so on.

2. Simple operation & high efficiency

The series of machines havespecial fixture to fix the workpiece. The advanced design principle supports the grinding process circulates automatically. Therefore, this series  of machines also has the following advatages: simple & convenient operation, reliable running, high production efficiency and low maintenance cost.

3. Energy conservation & environment protection

- Wet grinding without silicon dust pollution

- Cooling water closed cycle utilization